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SeAH Coasted Metal

For the last 20 years or so, from building materials, steel sheets for home appliances and aluminum pre-painted steel sheets, we are growing into a global company beyond being the best in Korea based on the production capacity of luxurious goods.

Pre-painted Steel Sheets

Steel Pipe

We have Korea’s best surface processing technology in chameleon steel sheets, print steel sheets and silver line steel sheets based on cutting-edge equipment and excellent quality.

  • Has the annual production capacity of 210 thousand tons in two manufacturing lines
  • Manufactures top quality products by painting, heat processing/drying twice with state-of-the-art painting technique as well as perfect preprocessing
  • Film of paint has excellent adhesiveness and smooth surface as well as outstanding process ability

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Galvanized Steel Sheets

Stainless Steel Pipe & Titanium Tube

These steel sheets have increased corrosion resistance with zinc plating, and are used as building materials, office supplies, inner plates for vehicles, and pre-painted steel sheets.

  • Has the annual production capacity of 300 thousand tons, which is the highest in Korea
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and process ability with chromate postprocessing
  • Smooth surface and excellent painting based on advanced equipment and technology

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Pickled & Oiled Steel Sheets

Galvanized & Prepainted Steel Sheets

These sheets are widely used in products that need plating, painting, processing and welding such as general structures, vehicles, home appliances, drawings and panels, and are also used as cold rolling materials.

  • Has the annual production capacity of 500 thousand tons, which is the highest in Korea

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